Friday, May 22, 2009

No More Hoarding

How many of you are guilty of hoarding supplies? Here's the thought that pops into my head every time I consider using something consumable: what if this project turns out lame and then I really, really need (insert your favorite hoarded item) for a spectacularly awesome special project in the future? I've had this conversation with myself many times.

But one of my New Year's Resolution was to actually use product instead of hoard it. I've made some great progress too. I used some Hodge Podge Hardware for a class! (GASP- I know.) And guess what. You can order more! Really. I did it already.

So that brings me to this project. I realized the Thursday before Mother's Day that I had not made anything for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. She really appreciates my handcrafted items and oohs and aahs over them and makes me feel like I am the most amazingly crafty woman on the planet. (Don't you just love making things for people like that?)

I needed something quick since it had to go in the mail -- that day! So I grabbed two things I had been hoarding: an empty Accents and Elements Tin and the retired Winter Retreat Simple Scrapbook Kit and whipped this up in a couple of hours:

The pictures are of my kids and their cousins on our recent visit to Grandma's. And she did love it and I love that she loved it.

So the moral of the story: use something that you are hoarding. You can always order more. Leave a comment here and tell me your hoarding stories, or even better how you over came the hoarding instinct.

Happy stamping!


Amy said...

As you well know, I have no overcome-the-hoarding stories to share! LOL Love that project! It's wonderful! Your MIL knows what she's talking about. :-)

Twila said...

Ummm yes, I am a hoarder! and proud of it. I just love to sit and look at all the lovely DSP, but I am trying to do better and use up some. Love your little scrapbook in the tin.

Catrules said...

Paula I really love this album and love your blog it looks great!

Kathy said...

You do such great work! Thanks for posting it so I can drool and dream. Love the new look of the blog. It's really, really cute.

Ellie said...

Girl look up the word and you'll see my picture there! lol... I can't help it what if I need it for later and then I used it.. well then I need to save it don't I? lol..

FYI: I LOOVEE your NEW Blog Look! IT ROCKS! :)

Beedubya said...

Look at that AWESOME album!! the last time i made one of these in one of these tins, it wouldn't shut because i added to much stuff! LOL! Beautiful, Paula!