Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspired by Downton Abbey

I know. I know. This is a Stamping blog.  But I can't help mentioning that the third season of Downton Abbey began on PBS's Masterpiece Classics last night.  I don't like Zombies or Vampires, or a lot of the other shows that EVERYONE is watching.  But I just cannot get enough of Downton Abbey.  I like to think that I was one of the original fans of this show -- you know before all the hub-bub really got started.  But that probably isn't true.  I probably got on the bandwagon about the same time as everyone else. But I will keep right on trying to convert every non-DAer to the show.  You really, really should be watching it if you aren't already.

(And if you haven't watched last night's episode yet, you might want to skip to the card since the next couple of paragraphs include spoilers.)

It was with much anticipation that I put the kids to bed early and settled in for the season premier.  I was so relieved to see Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew finally make it down the aisle.  I will admit that I was afraid it would never happen and that the crafty Julian Fellowes would leave us dangling for the entire season wondering if they would or wouldn't make it to matrimonial bliss.  After all, we all know what Branson said to Matthew was absolutely true -- "You won’t be happy with anyone else while Lady Mary walks the earth."  So with that seemingly life-long dream checked off, instead we are left to wonder if the Crawleys will be forced to leave their beloved home. BLERG!  Can you even imagine?

Last night, we were treated to some wonderful moments with the Dowager Countess (flawlessly portrayed by Dame Maggie Smith), especially when she spars with Ouiser -- I mean Martha Levinson (Shirley MacClaine).  But I think my favorite Maggie Smith moment is when she convinces Former- Chauffeur-Turned-Grandson-In-Law Branson that he must wear a morning coat to the wedding with a simple, "Are you finished?  Take off your coat."

I digress.  I do have a card to share today.  And I like to think it is a bit Downton Abbey inspired.  At least I was going for that vintage look with it and that was easy to do with all the wonderful products in the Spring Catalog.
Colors: Crumb Cake,Very Vanilla, Pretty in Pink.  Stamps: Amazing Family.  Accessories: Tea for Two Designer Series Paper, Tea Lace Paper Doilies, 5/8" Flower Trim, and Basic Jewel Pearls. 
See, the suite I used here is even called Tea for Two. Perfect for a Downton-inspired card. Although I should have changed the greeting to "You're such an amazing sister" so Sybil could have given it to Mary.  I made it for a swap and thought everyone has friends but some, like me, don't have a sister.

I talked about these fun Tea Lace Paper Doilies last week.  Here I took it and "aged" it by running it over a Crumb Cake stamp pad.  Then I took a sponge and rubbed it into the paper.  I also stamped an image on it from Amazing Family.

I have not talked about the Flower Trim that is in the Spring Catalog yet.  I simply adore it.  Here I just snipped off one to anchor the greeting.  In the package, they are strung together on tulle so you can use them individually or in a line.  They are Very Vanilla but I wanted it to stand out a little more so I pressed it into a Pretty in Pink stamp pad to make it look more like a tea rose.

So if you have been under a rock for the past couple of years, find the first two seasons on your favorite streaming service and then head on over to to watch last night's season premier. Enjoy!


Debra Burgin said...

I am right with you with DA! I treated myself to the last episode of Season 2 just to get my ear attuned to the accent, then ran back upstairs to the office to get 25" of work done before I luxuriated in the next two hours!

I'm drinking tea today, what about you?

BTW, I love love love this card!

Adriana Benitez said...

I will not get addicted to a tv program… I will not get addicted to a tv program…. (me to self, repeat, repeat, repeat… lol)

Beautiful card! Love the serene colors and the vintage feel!

Yapha said...

Awesome card! Totally Downton Abbey! Nice work!

Jen Timko said...

Oh my goodness, Paula! This card is GORGEOUS! I love it...I'm CASEing it (if that is ok)!!! WOW...pinned too.

Anonymous said...

I have loved Vintage for as long as I can remember. Clean and Simple is so hard for me! Downton Abbey is wonderful! Even Rush Limbaugh has never missed one episode! How about that? Anyway, with Sunday football keeping my husband busy on one TV, I will watch DA, even reruns. Do you watch the behind the scenes shows? Keep up the good cards! Nancy B

Tanya Boser said...

Love that show! I was actually watching DA on my Kindle Fire last year when I said a naughty word in the kitchen, and my adult sons will never let me live that down!

Your card is beautiful! I especially love the "tea" rose treatment.

Meighan Wheller said...

I love your card which I found on Pinterest but I think I love more your highlights on Downton Abbey more. I think this show is one of the best around and I cannot wait for it to begin here in Australia. So glad that Mathew and Mary got together. All the best. Meighan

Heidi Baks said...

<3 this card! You can count me as one not yet converted... I tried watching a couple reruns of season 2... found you cannot do that and also playing on the 'puter. I couldn't follow it. Then I saw most of the premiere episode. Oh, the horror, going to dinner without the right shirt. I was making fun of it all night. Hubby was trying to sleep, and I just kept yelling at the TV, "Can you imagine?" LOL!

Katherine said...

Love love love the stamping on that doily - well ok love the whole card! You are making those doilies look fabulous! They are one of my favs from the Spring Catalog!